conundrum hot springs trailhead

Conundrum Hot Springs and Peak trail

Conundrum Hot Springs Peak is an amazing day trip or a pleasant backpack for hikers and this is a must-do for any Coloradan. This walk passes through beautiful aspen groves and ends in one of the most unnatural water bodies you can ever see. You can see a huge hot spring with large views of the valley backward.

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On the way to Conundrum Hot Springs Peak

Head to the south for the direct trail from the car park. For the first 7 miles, Conundrum Creek Trail #1981 remains uphill. Although the path is stunning, it’s nothing more than other local Aspen areas. Take the way up to the hot spring!

Conundrum Hot Springs is one of the most popular springs in Colorado and it is a must for all those who enjoy the warm water. The mountain and wildflowers’ field views are magnificent, particularly in late summer. The warm 95-degree waters are not to mention friendly and enjoyable. This path has high traffic because it offers a reasonably quick walk through forest and wilderness with crossings with bridged rivers.

When you’ve had your soaking fill, go back to or back to your campsite or vehicle. You will feel cooler than you were a few hours before and able to take on the entire world.

conundrum hot springs river crossing
conundrum hot springs river crossing

Need to know before visit

The car park always fills up on an autumn weekend specially. Come early and try if you can to stop on weekends! Do NOT park along Conundrum Creek Road if the parking lot is filled. You will get towed.

conundrum hot springs river crossing
conundrum hot springs river crossing

For people seeking a mellow experience, nights at the hot springs can get rowdy and potentially nerve-wracking. Although the stars are impressive to see from the springs, some people consider the springs as better ways of having fun.

You may disperse camp from Silver Dollar Pond throughout the valley

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