Why Do People Think Hiking Maroon Bells Aspens are a Good Idea?

The Maroon Bells Aspens gives many hikes and some of Colorado’s most stunning scenery. It is a rocky mountain landscape with the backdrop of the maroon bells’ peaks, with cascades streams, golden aspens, and everything. There are five most-used hiking trails at maroon bells. The wilderness snows many trails, but this five is very popular among the tourists who visit maroon bells for an adventurous and exciting feeling.

  1. The Maroon Lake Trail at Maroon Bells
  2. The Scenic Loop Trail at Maroon Bells
  3. The Maroon Creek Trail
  4. The Crater Lake Trail at Maroon Bells
  5. The Willow Lake Trail at Maroon Bells
Hiking Maroon Bells Aspens
Hiking Maroon Bells Aspens

When you attempt a hike in Colorado, you must be very much prepared to have the best experience. You should be familiar with the driving direction to maroon bells, trail maps, important shuttle bus information, photography tips., camping information about the area, and the resources to manage how you want to spend time at the marvelous Maroon Bells.

If you are visiting Maroon Bells with your family or a newbie for hiking the maroon lake trail, it will be the best trail for you. This is a trail with a distance of less than one mile. It is an easy trail with the lowest difficulty. You don’t have to need any experience of hiking to take this trail. This is a trail without an out and back type. The trail is also in a nominal elevation gain from the trailhead to the northeast side of the maroon lake (elevation 9580’).

Hiking Maroon Bells Aspens Lake Trail

The maroon lake trail heads out where hikers can take in famous views of the maroon bells’ peaks reflected in their mirrored waters at the maroon lake, and fishing is permitted. But a Colorado fishing license is required. Be sure the limits and rules are followed. Bring a picnic lunch and take in the landscape that includes aspen groves, maroon creek, and meadows’ profound effect on the area. Be conscious of remaining on the trail.

Hiking Maroon Bells Aspens
Hiking Maroon Bells Aspens

The Scenic Loop Trail at Maroon Bells Aspens

The second trail is the scenic loop trail at maroon bells. This is a three-mile trail of the lollipop loop type. The scenic loop trail is perhaps the most popular, and for a good reason, the views are spectacular.

The loop takes you for much of the hike along the cascade of the maroon creek, and wildflowers spring up along the trail at your feet. A lollipop loop is a hike that starts with a walk that takes you to a circle at the end of a footbridge on the lake’s far west end.


The scenic trail loop started hikers will find another footbridge on the right one-way up the trail. This can be achieved by crossing the creek to shorten the journey. Then turning right to head back to the maroon lake and the trailhead.

However, before turning back towards maroon bells, the loop trail actually goes further, and past some stunning cascades, days are prohibited because of moose inhabiting this area.

The Maroon Creek Trail

The next trail is the maroon creek trail. This is a trail between 25 – 35 miles. This is a one-way trail. The maroon creek trail may be the best choice if you are looking for a less crowded option. For 35 miles, the maroon creek trail flows downhill alongside the maroon creek.

The odds of seeing wildlife are pretty high, being near water. The maroon creek trail starts at the maroon lake, and you can hike across the footbridge and turn left, then follow the route down into the valley away from the maroon bells.


The Crater Lake Trail at Maroon Bells

The next trail is the crater lake trail at maroon bells for about 36 miles round trip. At the far end of the lake, the maroon / Snowmass trail will take hikers across a meadow and to a forest service bullet inboard. From this point, the correct trail is the west maroon/crater lake trail leading up through meadows, forests of aspens, and scree fields.

The trail can be incredibly rugged, so be sure you’ve got great shoes at around 17 miles. The trail will break whore the west maroon trail is best to take crater lake is not for at this point. Eventually, the trail will dip down into a stunning basin containing a crater lake and spectacular views of the maroon bells. As it is a dead lake, it is not stocked or fishable.

It is also an area that has been affected badly by heavy use and bad camping practices. Camping is now prohibited because of this, and a great caution shield is exercised to reduce and canine effects.


The Willow Lake Trail at Maroon Bells

The last of the five trails in the willow lake trail. The maroon bells with a 13-mile expanse, the trail to willow lake are demanding, and night requires an overnight stay at the maroon lake. The trail starts and follows the same trails that lead to the crater lake.

The trail forks to the night at the crater lake bulletin board and works its way up through gulch, through alpine meadows, and finally to the maroon – Snowmass lake, junction trail sign the trail runs to the right.


Switchbacks lead to willow pass at the end. Willow lake is a more gradual 1.5 miles further down the trail. After making it over willow pass, this climb is demanding, steep, and more exposed to the frequent thunderstorms in the afternoons. Forbidden and camping at willow lake is discouraged camping at the existing sites in Minnehaha gulch is the best option. 

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