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Maroon Bells Colorado Wedding As one of the most photographed places in Aspen, Colorado Maroon Bells lies as a place that will be a lifetime memory of one’s life. Especially who finds love on these mountain peaks. Adventure lovers or people who like to enjoy themselves in nature sometimes find their lifetime partners around the peaks.

When Considering the Maroon Bells as a place to get married, there are many reasons why you can choose it so. Asper has many options and areas to be considered as a perfect place for a lifetime event. But Maroon Bells will win all over them as it has the most beautiful view and the surrounding. The plus advantage rather than having an incredible view, Maroon bells is much cheaper than the other.

Places are quite affordable. So if someone is looking for a cheap, accessible site for family members and friends, and with a marvelous view of nature, Maroon bells are the best ceremony venue in the Aspen and Snowmass area.

Maroon Bells Colorado Wedding
Maroon Bells Colorado Wedding

Maroon Bell is a trendy area around the globe. So thousands of people visit every month. In addition to these situations, Maroon Bells can often be very crowded with tourists. Because of this, reserving the Maroon Bells Amphitheater will be an added advantage for having the best wedding experience and the best ceremony to celebrate once in your lifetime.

The Reason for you to choose Maroon Bells Amphitheater

The following can be the reason for you to choose Maroon Bells Amphitheater for your wedding ceremony. Since Maroon Bells receive many tourists, the trails will always be crowded. Reserving the maroon bells Amphitheater will give access to have total privacy and a place without tourists to have a totally peaceful environment for you best moment in your life. Having this feels like a VIP experience.

When you are having the wedding at the maroon bells, you get access to 5 cars that can allow you to drive up to the amphitheater’s main parking area. To manage the tourists’ traffic and the crowds, the roads will be closed to them from 8 am to 5 pm every day of the week. But with the reservation and passes, anyone can access them. 

Another reason to choose the amphitheater for your ceremony is that it is completely off to the main trails and completely private. So even if you are planning a small self-sole. Minimizing elopements, you will be granted maximum. Personal space has the best views in Aspen, providing a great time to enjoy the best of aspen for the guest ability to combine any style of the reception venue and very and very Affordableness is the other listed reasons to choose Maroon Bells amphitheater for your wedding. If you are concerned about the maroon bells wedding cost, you will be astonished that you can reserve the maroon bells amphitheater for only $200 for the day.

How to get a Reservation for Wedding in Maroon Bells

As much-demanded lace reservations at the maroon bells fill up very quickly. Even sometimes, you have to book a date for your wedding one year ahead. The maroon bells amphitheater is only available from June to October each year. From June through August, only Sundays. On Thursday they are available. From September to October, only Monday to Thursday can be reserved.

These rules are to give priority to the public. Use during peak visiting times where the tourist count is usually very high. Sunday becomes the day that is typically reserved very much quickly. Almost immediately after they become available. And the only time period to book a Sunday is between June and August. Reservations for a given day pen up at 8 am Mdt exactly one year in advance.

The environment also changes according to time. So if you need a view of aspen trees changing color  September will be the best month; however, the exact time where the trees will be at peak fall colors can not be determined. Most of the time, it’s the third week of September.

Weather and Facilities in Maroon Bells

Thunderstorms can occur around the afternoons in summer in colorado. So to minimize this situation on your wedding day, choosing an early day time is better. Facilities around maroon bells are as follows. Vault toilets available for use around the area but no electrical outlets or drinking water is open. Throughout the general areas, you can find a few benches and picnic tables scattered around for use. In addition to all these

There are many walking and hiking trails. They are with varying difficulty and distance so that you can choose according to your skill type. Since with these issues, you cannot perform a wedding reception at the maroon bells amphitheater, but approximately 4 miles down the road from the amphitheater, you can find the  East Maroon Portal picnic site. For your reception. This picnic site is affordable for up to 75 people. Foods and beverages and other scented items must be properly stored before the reception and must be properly disposed of after the ceremony.

Maroon Bells Colorado Wedding
Maroon Bells Colorado Wedding

Environment Policies in Maroon Bells Colorado Wedding

Maroon bells follow strict policies for protecting the environment to have a location without pollution, or you can easily rent a local restaurant with a variety of choices. So you can choose how you like it should be. 

The final question that comes to someone’s mind who has an idea of taking their wedding at maroon bells is how to rent a maroon bells amphitheater. It is quite simple. All you have to do is go to the reservations website. Click on availability ether chose. Your desired date or click on the next available date. Select the available date you want and click the book now. Create a login for if you don’t have one already. Pay the $200 rental fee. And you can call the Aspen Ranger station at 970-963-2266 to ask for the up to date information. 

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